STEP 3-2-4. How to register Inkan (seal)

If you are not familiar with the Inkan (seal) registration, please visit the Review the Inkan (seal) registration page.

If you wish to have your Inkan (seal) registered, you must complete the procedure yourself at the municipal office.

The procedure and relevant documents are explained below.

How to register your Inkan (seal)

The process is straightforward as explained below.

(1) Purchase an Inkan (seal) which you want to register as Jitsuin.

(2) Submit the “Application Form for Seal Impression Registration” to the municipal office and receive a “Certificate of a Registered Seal.”

Submit the application to the relevant municipal office window that handles the Inkan (seal) registration.

Though this depends on the municipal office, you will likely need a Residence Card or passport, in addition to the “Application Form for Seal Impression Registration.”

If you want to be sure of the local municipal office’s requirements, contact the municipal office beforehand.

Documents required for Inkan (seal) registration

It is difficult to prepare documents in advance for the registration of your Inkan (seal).

This is because each municipality has different application forms. In addition, whether or not the forms can be downloaded from the Internet also differs from office to office.

Very few municipalities provide foreign language support, and if you cannot read Japanese, it would be difficult to navigate through their website.

Therefore, you should go to the municipal office to obtain the application form and complete the procedures on the spot!

The information contained in this article is based on the information available as of August 31 2023.