Japan living 101

Let’s live in Japan! Japan living 101!

Are you moving to Japan to study abroad, for work, or for marriage?
Where do I begin once I land in Japan?

It is not easy!
What is a Residence Card? Do I need medical insurance? What is My Number Card? How easy is it to sign up with a mobile carrier? Can I open a bank account? How about overseas remittance?
Japan has its own complicated system, and it is difficult to understand various processes and procedures that are necessary when moving to Japan.

This website provides you with a step-by-step, easy-to-understand explanation of what you need to do once you have decided to move to Japan, and the series of processes involved in establishing a foundation for your life in Japan.
We hope you will find it useful!


What should you do before entering Japan?

Find out about the status of residence and visa issuance process.
You will also need to look for temporary housing as you will need an address in Japan for various procedures immediately after your arrival in Japan.


What do you need to do when entering Japan?

Let’s review what you must do upon your arrival.
The Residence Card that you will receive at the time of entry into Japan is an ID card that all foreigners must have if they wish to live in Japan.


Go to Municipal Office

Once you move into your residence, you will first need to register as a resident at the nearest municipal office. You will also be obliged to join medical insurance and pension plans in Japan. This section explains the procedures to be taken at the municipal office, including My Number Card and Inkan (seal) registration.


Open a Bank Account

A Japanese bank account is required in many situations in Japan, but it is not easy for foreigners to open an account in Japan.
In this section, you can review how to open a bank account in Japan and remit money overseas.


Make my life in Japan easier

Review this section for useful information about living in Japan.